To be able to describe our wines, I have to tell you about the terroir, the place.

Here, in Rousset les Vignes, 20 million years ago, the region was invaded by the sea. The sea deposited more than 1000 m of sediment.

On the Domaine, you’ll see fossil beaches. On the plots of land, sandy-clay soils have formed, generating a fineness that will characterize all the wines of the Domaine. Cultivation has always been carried out in an eco-responsible way, and this year we have taken the road to conversion to organic farming.

The Mistral, which sometimes blows, dries out the leaves of the vines and offers us a natural protection against pest attacks.

The altitude (450 m) allows us to harvest a little later than in the valley, which facilitates an optimal ripening of the fruit while preserving freshness in the wines.

Our three main wine families

  • AOC Côte du Rhône
  • AOC Côte du Rhône village Rousset Les Vignes *
  • Our prestigious vintages: Syrah, Planas, Signature and Luxure

each respond to a particular request, a state of mind or a well-defined occasion, but always to a moment of shared pleasure.

Explore the domaine

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