To be able to understand our wines, you must first understand our home and its terroir.

More than 20 million years ago, the Mediterranean Sea flooded the region here in Rousset Les Vignes, and left in its wake sediment measuring more than 1000 metres deep.

On the Domaine you can still see fossil beaches. On the plots of land we own, sandy – clay soils have formed and offer fantastic complexity to the ground. It’s this blend of soil that helps characterise and determine the finesse and elegance of our wines.

At 450m above sea level, we are higher than many other parts of the valley and therefore able to harvest a little later. This extra time allows for optimum ripening of our grapes whilst maintaining their desired level of freshness.

We are blessed with the whispers of the Mistral wind, which when it blows, dries the leaves on our vines and offers a natural protection against vineyard pests.

Eco -cultivation and vineyard management have always been key in our planning and carried out with the environment in mind. This year we have taken it one step further and started on the path to organic farming too.

The three main members of our wine family are the following:

  • AOC Cotes du Rhône
  • AOC Cotes du Rhône Villages Rousset Les Vignes
  • Our selection of single-variety:  Grenahce, Syrah, Marselan

Each is crafted for a particular occasion, feeling or special moment, but always with the idea of shared pleasure at its core.

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