Planas 2018 Prestige Cuvée

2018 - Prestige Cuvées


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Garnet colour with deep and brilliant reflections.
A fruity and spicy nose.
A fresh mouth, marked by black fruits, especially blackcurrant.

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Soils : stony sandy-limestone soil, Würmian terrace


A delicate vinification at low temperature, so as not to extract too much tannin and to preserve all the aromatic complexity and finesse of the Syrah.

Its name comes from a plateau overlooking Rousset les Vignes. An ancient glacial terrace, the terroir, composed of blocks of rock torn away by glaciers in the nearby Alps, brings a complexity that you will find in this wine.

Winegrower’s advice

Even if this wine has a certain ageing potential, I advise you to consume it rather young on its primary aromas with, for example, beef steak …

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