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What is the Vignes et Lumières experience ?2021-07-08T14:42:35+02:00

The Vignes et Lumières visit is a unique tourist event: a walk taken at nightfall in a wine estate, through the vineyards, the forest and the rocks known as the Saffres. The walk forms a loop of 2 kilometers allowing to discover the specificity of the soil and the region. In particular, the discovery trail has been laid out around the following points: vines, truffles, olive trees, mulberry trees, the rock formation of the Saffres. This nocturnal journey is immersive and spectacular since it combines light projections, scenography, video mapping and synchronized audio systems.

What services are included in the price of the ticket?2021-07-08T14:45:24+02:00

The ticket includes the visit of the vineyard, made up of 17 stages (or points of interest) as well as the provision of visit devices (audio guide and open headphones). The visit also includes a glass of wine from the domain (for adults over 18), or a good fruit juice for the youngest. On request, tasting of the estate’s range of wines and a presentation of the winemaking processes are also possible.

Are there any specific dress code recommendations?2021-07-08T14:46:20+02:00

The Vignes et Lumières night trail takes place entirely outdoors, which is why we recommend you to put on the right shoes (closed shoes recommended) and to be careful while walking to avoid any risk of falling. By purchasing your ticket, you confirm that you can make the visit, accepting the very small risks that this outdoor walking activity may involve.

We also recommend that you keep informed of regional weather forecasts, especially the temperature which can drop in windy conditions, in order to cover yourself accordingly.


What happens in the event of rain or bad weather?2021-07-08T14:47:15+02:00

In case of bad weather, the event will be postponed to ensure the safety of staff and visitors. The decision to open or close the site is made at the latest the day of the visit at 3 p.m. In the event of a cancellation, customers receive an email as well as a SMS during the day, describing the procedure to follow to postpone the visit.

Do I have to arrive a few minutes before the time indicated on my reservation?2021-07-17T15:13:43+02:00

Please try to arrive at the time indicated on the “Event time” note on your booking confirmation? It helps the schedule of the visit .

Is there free parking?2021-07-08T14:47:56+02:00

Parking is free in the Domaine’s car park.

What happens if I show up late?2021-07-08T14:48:31+02:00

You will be able to enter the site even if you show up late. Within the limit of places available on the same day, you will be assigned a new time slot for the visit.

What happens if I find myself unable to come on the scheduled date? Can I postpone my visit to a later date or get a refund?

Just like a movie screening or a musical concert, the Vignes et Lumières event cannot be reimbursed if you are not present on the date chosen. We may however modify the date, within the limits of available reservations.


Am I allowed to take photos and videos?2021-07-08T14:49:57+02:00

Of course ! You are free to immortalize this experience with your cameras (use of flash not recommended).

However, you will quickly find that there are some mysteries that you might be better off not revealing to your friends if you don’t want to spoil a surprise for them …


What is the distance of the visit route? How much time should I allow for the visit?2021-07-08T14:50:55+02:00

The Vignes et Lumières tour is about 2 kilometers. You can count on a 1 hour visit to take full advantage of all the points of interest offered and the comments associated with each stop.

Is it possible to eat on site?2021-07-08T14:51:55+02:00

The Domaine de la Bouvaude does not offer a catering service, you can book a dinner with our partners: Le Cercle restaurant (600m); The Auberge de Saint Pantaléon (3 km).

Are there toilets at the reception and during the visit?2021-07-08T14:52:20+02:00

The toilets are accessible at the reception (near the parking area) as well as in the cellar. As a reminder, the tour lasts 1 hour in an outdoor environment, without access to sanitary facilities.

Is it possible to buy a ticket on site?2021-07-08T14:52:57+02:00

We recommend that you book your ticket online in order to benefit from the desired time slot. If you do not have an internet connection, you can also go directly to the Domaine, tickets will be allocated according to availability.

It is also possible to book your ticket by telephone on 04 75 27 90 32 – subject to availability.


Is the visit suitable for children? What about people with reduced mobility?2021-07-08T14:51:28+02:00

The Vignes et Lumières experience is aimed at all audiences, young and old, and is particularly suitable for families, including children from 5 years old. The visit takes place entirely outdoors, on an unpaved natural path with un-leveled areas, which makes it difficult for people with reduced mobility. The small difference in height and the crossing of a footbridge intended for pedestrians unfortunately do not make the visit accessible to wheelchairs or strollers. In order to make the visit safe, you are kindly requested to follow the marked path and never leave it under any circumstances.

Are dogs and other pets allowed?2021-07-08T14:53:28+02:00

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on the tour.

Do we have to print our ticket or can we present it in digital format?2021-07-08T14:53:53+02:00

You can present your ticket on your smartphone.

What measures have the Domaine de la Bouvaude put in place to prevent the risk of contamination from Covid 19?2021-07-08T14:55:24+02:00

In order to ensure a safe visit for all, here are the measures taken:

  • Number of visitors per group limited to 8 people, or more if a group comes from the same household;
  • Application of government recommendations in terms of social distancing (2m) and the provision of disinfectant equipment for the hands (hydroalcoholic gel)
  • Wearing a mask is compulsory in closed places (reception area, cellar), recommended outdoors;
  • Frequent cleaning of contact areas (reception, toilets, door handles)
  • Privileged contactless payment for on-site payments;
  • Installation of awareness signs to remind people of the health recommendations.


What happens if I find myself unable to come on the scheduled date? Can I postpone my visit to a later date or get a refund?2021-07-08T14:57:24+02:00

Just like a movie screening or a musical concert, the Vignes et Lumières event cannot be reimbursed if you are not present on the date chosen. We may however modify the date, within the limits of available reservations.

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